8 Things You Must Do Before Publishing the First Post

Have you just installed WordPress and all set to rise? If yes, then there are few things that you need to do before you publish anything on your website or blog.

I am considering you installed WordPress and did everything write with https, redirects, etc. But these are all basic things we do to start a blog. However, to rank on google and turn visitors to costumer you have to do something extra.Things You Must Do Before Publishing the First Post

No idea what I am talking about, do not worry I will describe everything here. Before we start our actual topic, let me tell you. Blogging demands patience, keep providing quality content to search engines. You will never fail, within some weeks you will surely see the result if you follow some “do not neglect” steps.

Here is a list of things you should do Before Publishing the First Post (WordPress)

1. Finalize Theme

Before you write and publish the very first article on your blog. It’s important to finalize your website’s theme. It could be free or premium, it all depends on you. But in the process of choosing a theme. It is recommended to choose  SEO friendly and clean theme.

2. Install & Activate Important Plugins

After selecting the theme its time for plugins. There are some important plugins that you must have before proceeding. SEO, Sitemap, Cache, Comment Spam Control, Security, for instance.

3. Submit the Website to Search Engine

This is a crucial step to rank on search engine ranking. Before publishing anything on your blog or website submit your website on Webmaster i.e. Google webmaster, Bing webmaster, etc. Along with that make sure you submit the sitemap too.

4. Make Important Files

Another important thing is making important files like a robots.txt and sitemap.xml (if step 3 is still pending). A robots.txt is used by websites to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots.

5. Logo/Favicon

Before getting into a search engine, make sure you have uploaded logo and Favicon on your website. The logo is basically an identity to your website for visitor. Favicon is the website icon, tab icon.

6. Add all Categories

Make sure you have all categories listed before you start adding post to them. Make sure you clearly describe each category.

7. Get ideas to write SEO friendly Post

Before you start writing, make sure you know how to write SEO friendly content. Even if you have high writing skills, but for search engine & visitor you need to write the way they like it.

8. Set Permalink

Permalinks are the backbone of the website. The best practice is to set the permalink, that you are planning to keep forever. Making changes on running blog can hurt your ranking, and hence the visitor or customer count.

These might not be all the important things but are the most important ones. Make sure you share with other friends who just started blogging. If you would like to add another something more To-Do List Before Publishing the First Post then leave the comment below.

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