12 Best Completely Free Keyword Research Tools 2019

How to do niche research when you have a tight budget? Do not worry about this now, Here we have a list of Completely Free Keyword Research Tools that would surely help you out.

Have you ever heard about the concept of master brick?  For those who don’t, master brick is that pivotal brick of any building removal of which will result in the collapse of the entire building. One can imagine the immense importance of the master brick the same applies to the role of keyword research in content marketing. Keyword selection accounts for the initial decisions that are to be made before moving onto your prime objective. You can even call it a blueprint. One of the key thing to do before publishing your first blog post.

Once you have figured out the most appropriate keywords for your content. You are not much far from reaching an overwhelmingly impressive user response and increased return on investment. This also helps to easily rank on Google.

It’s not a once in a while deed that once you have performed it, your job is done, no this is a continuous process so that you are always in touch with your audience because nobody would be willing to let go even a chunk of his / her audience.

Free Keyword Research Tools 2019

One thing is crystal clear that you cannot continue a  successful content marketing gig without getting aided by keyword researches. Here’s a list of top tools that provide free keyword research facilities.

Google trends

After the downfall of the “ google keyword planner” which was on account of the restrictions it imposed on the users regarding its usage, Google Trends is the newest offering of Google in the arena of keyword research. It visualises the trends of search changes over time. Here’s what you need to do

Enter the keyword it will automatically generate the relative popularity of the search which you entered over a period of 12 months. This allows you an idea about topics that have amassed the greatest buzz in recent times.Free Keyword Research Tools 2019

Keyword Shitter

This one keeps the things quite tight and straight to the point. You just need to enter a seed and tap on the icon saying “ start shitting “ it will start generating keywords within seconds and it will keep the inflow of going until you the search off.

It comes with two features positive filter and negative filter which depicts the positive and negative aspects of the keyword you entered.

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

This tool offers the feature of combining two or more keywords and as a product rendering a list of all possible permutations. It is best for the people who desire to add transactional and informational modifiers to a list of topics. It is quite a simple one to use and arguably the most user-friendly. As compared to the counterparts it doesn’t provide a wide aura of services. For any beginner, it is the most friendly tool.

Answer The Public

It has an amazing user interface as good as anyone. For each search, it presents a  visualization to make you understand better however you will be given the option to turn this feature off if you want to access results without visual effects. Don’t know how but they manage to produce around 20 suggestions for each search query, some say they copy the suggestions from Google Keyword Planner but don’t go on rumours it’s a tool worth giving a try at.

Google Correlate

Google seems to be everywhere, it’s hard to keep them out of action for long. As the name suggests this tool provides the suggestions that will match the search query to the closest. Their prime focus is on trend correlation, within seconds of entering a seed your monitor screen will flood with 10 results with trends that correlate to the seed entered. This can provide some seriously unrelated keywords that are because of the operation of trend correlation.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere chrome has also come up with a keyword tool called Keyword Everywhere. The unique feature it provides is that it converts normal Google search into keyword research. For every search that you will enter on the Google, it will present before you the matching keywords. It also comes with the feature to hide it if you wish not to view it.


Soovle for those who have worked on Google Autocomplete before, you will find this one very familiar. It is, in fact, more detailed than the counterpart from Google. It not only fetches results from Google but from every possible source it could. You have to customize your search as to which source you want to get your results from, Google is set as default.

Wordtracker Scout

The most relevant keywords will appear as soon as the extension on the webpage is clicked. You can filter the suggestions according to relevance and word count as per your needs. That data can be viewed for different countries and regions and can be grouped with one another.

Google search console

Google just doesn’t seem to stop in the near future, here’s another one from the bag of Google. This console allows you to view the query that has sent the most clicks to your site, it uses the information of your passion deeds basically. It shows the positions which the different search have achieved on the ranker. It also figures out an average, a keyword with an average of below 7 is substandard while ones with above it can be taken into account.

Suggestion keyword finder

Simplest of the tools featured in this list. It simply displays the search results of the Google Autocomplete Suggestions. It presents the same search results with little modifications. There’s nothing unique about it. Beginners with not so big aspirations can try it.

IM OR SMB Bulk keyword generator

This tool suited best for the local companies as it will provide with the most relevant local searches. It comes with a feature of extracting bulk results. It will customize your search based on your business type and services offered.

Keyword in

If you wish to combine a given set of keywords, this can be the tool best suits your needs. It will require you to fill a couple of fields and within no time it will generate the results comprising of the keywords you wished to combine.  There might be a possibility that you might not come across the desired results each time but you can always go back and start a whole new search.

That was some humongous information to mention and you know the best part about it, you get each and every feature mentioned above for no cost at all. At some stage of your work, you will definitely fell the need of getting as much as you can from these tools.

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