11 Important Factors for Ranking On Search Engine 2019

There are some important factors that affect your search engine ranking. We will go through each one of them in details. It is really tough now to rank 1 on search engine like Google because of high competition. Google, Bing are also updating their algorithms to provide the best results to users. Usually, a person uses the internet to find some solution. But he did not find it easily, its the search engine who have to take the blame.

This is the first and important reason why Google takes it seriously. Basically, which sector you are working on is also important. Let us understand with an example if you start a blog on health, medicine, etc. It is really tough for a new website to rank until you have qualified professionals working with you. You know why, because If someone searches for medicine for something. The search engine provides high quality and trustworthy sites only on the top. The sites, where professionals are working to provide trustworthy information. They are the brands working only on that.

On the other hand, when it comes to other content search engine have some different approach. To rank on information like medicine you need to make your website a band. Which directly means patience, an expert in the field, and focusing on making customers, not visitors.

But now even this approach is changing. The blogs providing low-quality content are not ranking anymore. It’s different thing first you published quality content then started spamming. In this case, you will rank for a while before the website address gets banned. This approach usually followed in event blogs.

In 2019, it’s not about making a blog it is about making a brand. In other words, to be a successful blogger you need to have long term goals. It is not just installing WordPress and plugins and writing articles. It is all about turning your visitors to customers. SEO experts would agree to me and some would disagree.

Some would say, I don’t sell anything then what customers are to me. For blogging customers is who became a fan of your blog. Who appropriate and refer it to others. You may not see its results in a day or two but within a few months, you will feel the ranking boost.

Factors for Ranking On Search Engine 2019

Now, let’s start ranking your blog. So, you have a domain and good hosting. Before everything, check out to do before writing the first blog post.

  • Publish the best Content
  • Website Speed
  • Quality backlinks
  • Internal Links
  • User Experience
  • Bounce Rate
  •  Mobile Friendly (Responsive)
  • Optimize Content
  • Site Structure
  • Secure your website

Seo Ranking

Publish the best Content

Content is always treated as an important factor in ranking. According to a new search algorithm, it is the most factor. The better content you offer, the better you will rank on Google, Bing. Quality content doesn’t mean you start writing about banking, health, etc. Perhaps, it is how well you explain and answer user queries. Let’s take an example if a user searches for “how to install windows”. Then your post should include a clear step involve in installing windows. Do not leave any loose end, just to post an article. Write a long post and include maximum information you can in a single post. You can focus on micro-niches to rank easily on the search engine.

Website Speed

This not only affects search engine ranking directly but also effect User experience, increase bounce rate and these are other important factors for SEO. So, in order to give a better user experience to deliver content as fast, you can. No one likes a slow website, the user usually bounces back from slow loading blogs. There are tools available to test a website’s average page speed like Google Pagespeed insights and they also provide details to fix.

Quality Backlink

Backlinks were the most important factors from many years. But now quantity doesn’t matter quality do. Earlier, the more quality of links to your website better your blog rank. But now it is the quality of link matters. So, the factor is its better to have a few quality backlinks instead of a large number of spam backlinks.

Internal Links

Earlier, no one cared about internal links but from 2017, it is one of the most important factors. The links you give in between your posts act as backlinks. So, the best thing is to make a number of natural internal links.

User Experience

User experience (UX) has an impact on SEO. It is the top Priority now, better User Experience you provide better you will rank. Results of giving better visitor experience take time to show up. It doesn’t directly affect the ranking, but it decreases the bounce rate and increase page views. Which itself is a very crucial factor. Engage visitors to turn them to the customer via internal links, page speed and other factor listed above. This could be also done via writing user-friendly blog post.

Bounce Rate

This is a very important factor now. This is basically the percentage of visitors to your website and bounces back after viewing only one page. So, you should implement all the thing that helps to decrease bounce rate. Which include good internal linking, related post, fast loading website, clearly answering queries, include pictures, etc.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Earlier, webmaster used to build a separate mobile website. But now the trend is changing it is better to have a single responsive website. Google clearly states that to rank well you need to have a mobile-friendly website.

Optimize Content

Writing 1000-2000 words did not complete the task. You need to follow some steps to write it in the right way. Proper use of H1 tag, Optimizing your blog post can help your high-quality content get found by search engines and users. You can easily find a solution to this by searching how to write SEO friendly blog post.

Site Structure

This is another crucial factor for ranking on the search engine. Broken links, bad website structure could pull your website down. This include, Metadata, the information includes your title tag and page descriptions. Schema markup is another component of a website that tells search engines about your content.

Secure your website

Google notified HTTPS as a ranking signal back in 2014. Google thinks https is initial. Even the user doesn’t like to see unsecured website warning( all modern Browser gives user warning).

In conclusion, make sure you think of the long term plan. Think of making your blog a brand, make user remember your website URL. This would be possible if you deliver quality content through a clean and optimized website.


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