How to Update Apps in iPhone

How to update Apps like Whatsapp, Facebook is always a question among new iPhone users. Whether you are using the latest such as iPhone XS, XR or X or 8, 7 steps to update an app is the same. Because this functionality is provided by the operating system. However, this is a pretty straight forward process.

App Store in latest by default doesn’t show any notification about updating an app. Neither when you need to full system update. However, it is quite simple to find out which app needs an update. Before going through the updating process let us understand the importance of updates.

Why Should I Update?

There are many reasons why the developer provides the updates. The most common reasons are:

Bug Fixes: One app is accessed from many different devices. When you are using it developer keep the track of problem end-users are facing while using it. So, after some time they come with the solution to fix the problem.

New Features: In order to serve in this competitive world everything need to go in pace. Same with the applications, companies keep on adding new features in order to beat the competitors.

(iOS)System Updates: When the platform is being updated, then it is the responsibility of developers of the apps to ensure it runs smoothly in the new updated iOS version. Whenever iOS is updated all the app companies issue their update to make it compatible(for better performance).

Security patches: Another task of developers is to make the application safe as much as possible. Hackers can exploit minor vulnerabilities. Data theft etc is becoming common nowadays. So, to make the use of application security patches are regularly issued.

Performance: No one like slow running application, people love the app with higher performance. These updates are usually issued to when the application is running slow or there is an issue with User Interface etc.

How to Update Applications on iPhone

So, after knowing the importance of applications update, let us see how to do it. The process is pretty easy, steps are as follows:

  1. Unlock your iPhone, from apps menu locate App Store icon.Update iPhone apps
  2. Open App store, in the bottom you will see 4 icons (Today, Games, Apps, Updates, and search).
  3. Now click on Updates, and refresh it by tap-holding, and swiping down (pull to refresh).Update apps in iPhone
  4. This will list all the apps who’s update are available with the clear description of changes are being made.
  5. You can update the important first if you don’t want to update them all. However, it is recommended to update all of them. If you select Update All button on the top right following screen will appear (with progress bar). Here 3 apps are being updated at the same time and rest are in the queue.
    Updating iPhone application

Note: Updating apps doesn’t require a password or extra permission. However, if you try to install a new app in your iPhone then need to provide. That’s it, you have now updated your all apps on your iPhone. For more update about Tech Update, Stay Tuned.

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